The Evolution of the Fitness Tracker
ITS 499 Capstone Project, Spring 2016

Alyssa Maki
Dr. Shin-Ping Tucker


The mission of FitBit is "To empower and inspire you to live a healther, more active life. We design products and experiences that fit seamlessly into your life so you can achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be" (Who We Are, 2016).

New Fitness Tracker

A new fitness tracker is in the works that will detect when people are cheating (Green, 2016). This new technology will work with iPhone apps and fitness wristbands that count steps as they are walked. Although fitness trackers in the past have done a decent job at detecting deceptive behavior, the new fitness tracker will have an increased accuracy of 84 percent.

The new fitness tracker has been tested and many have tried to trick the phone trackers. From shaking the phone to sitting in a chair, the tracker was able to detect the false behavior. The only thing that has been able to trick it so far is attaching it to a dog; the system can't recognize that (Green, 2016).


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