The Evolution of the Fitness Tracker
ITS 499 Capstone Project, Spring 2016

Alyssa Maki
Dr. Shin-Ping Tucker


The FitBit was founded in 2007 by James Park and Eric Friedman (Marshall, 2015). The company was first incorporated in Deleware of March 2007 as Healthy Metrics Research, Inc. however they changed their name to FitBit, Inc. in October 2007 (Fitbit, Inc., 2016). They saw a small opening in the industry for wearable devices. They soon raised $400,000 and began thriving. It didn't come easy for the co-owners. Neither of them had manufacturing experience so there were multiple times where their idea nearly went dead. 

Things began to turn around

FitBit launched its tracker at the end of 2009 and shipped about 5,000 units. They next teamed up with Best Buy to sell even more of their products. They are now sold in thousands of retail outlets across the world.

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