The Evolution of the Fitness Tracker
ITS 499 Capstone Project, Spring 2016

Alyssa Maki
Dr. Shin-Ping Tucker


FitBit's in todays world are thriving as more people want to turn their lifestyles into healthier ones! FitBit's headquarters are in San Francisco, California. They also have offices all over the world such as Boston, Dublin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Minsk, New Delhi and Tokyo (Who We Are, 2016).

It was only within the last year that FitBit's initial public offering was made publicly. It was on June 18, 2015 that the initial offering was and the price was $20.00 per share (Fitbit, Inc., 2016).  

The current FitBit's offered include: (Need help choosing a tracker?, 2016).

  • FitBit Zip
  • FitBit One
  • FitBit Flex
  • FitBit Charge
  • FitBit Alta
  • FitBit Charge HR
  • FitBit Blaze
  • FitBit Surge
  • FitBit Aria

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